Tweebaa Revolution in Big Pitch Magazine

Tweebaa the world’s first Earning Commerce platform is getting lot of attention from media, after getting endorsed by Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from the famous tv show “The Shark Tank” we have been approached by Big Pitch Magazine to cover Tweebaa and its story.


The Big Pitch Magazine is impressed by Tweebaa and its unique Earning Commerce platform, which allows anyone to earn extra income. Tweebaa is not only about a e commerce where buying and selling takes place, anyone shopping at tweebaa gets awarded. This platform represents the masses where anyone can suggest a product, evaluate it to decide whether or not tweebaa should carry the product, creative people can make collage and share it in their social network, not only this it offers everyone an opportunity to own a online business using the Earning Retailer service, which allows anyone to sell tweebaa products anywhere they want without investing anything, the Earning Retailers can make over 30% in profits. It is not only for inventors, consumers, suppliers, career seekers but also for overseas manufacturers and suppliers who can reach consumers directly through this platform. Earning Seller allows any manufacturer or re seller to list their products directly in tweebaa and sell it, once order is received they ship the goods directly to consumer, those suppliers who think drop shipping can be expensive can use Tweebaa Earning Warehouse service, which means tweebaa takes care of shipping, warehousing, order handling for the manufacturer, it is as good as having own operations in different country.

The excitement is growing as Tweebaa is moving forward and getting into the mainstreams, please don’t forget to read about tweebaa and its exciting story in Big Pitch Magazine in its first October volume. Tweebaa is thankful to all its supporters who have continuously supported us in making a real success story.


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